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Safeguard your designs against imitators and copycats


Designs protect the visual appearance of products and their packaging. Our IP Basics guide provides answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about designs.

We advise our clients in relation to all aspects of registered and unregistered design protection.

Design rights can provide useful protection to your products. Our attorneys work with businesses and individual designers to help them find the best way to protect the appearance of their products. We have filed thousands of design applications and have become adept at using the registered design system creatively to maximise the available protection for our clients.

Infringement of design rights has long been an issue for designers. We have a wealth of experience in defending our clients’ rights and helping them to take action against counterfeiters and copycats both in the UK and overseas, as well as advising clients who have been accused of infringing somebody else’s rights.

Our design services

We provide advice in relation to all aspects of registered and unregistered design protection.

We can advise you on what protection may be available and appropriate and on the ownership of any rights. It is often overlooked that design protection can form a useful adjunct to patent or trade mark protection.

We prepare and file applications to register designs and deal with all matters required to obtain registered design protection. Through our network of foreign associates, we can help you to secure design protection overseas.

We advise on design infringement, whether an infringement of your rights by a third party or a possible infringement of a third party’s rights by you. We can also help you to challenge the validity of a third party design.

Both registered and unregistered design protection may be commercialised, and we can advise on the purchase, sale or licensing of design rights.

If you would like advice on design protection, please contact us to speak to one of our attorneys.

Our design specialists

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