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Trade Marks

Protect the trade marks which set your brand apart

Trade marks

Your single most important marketing tool will be your trade mark. Trade marks are the signs which help your customers to recognise your products and services. They can take many forms and the most common will be your company name and logo. Our IP Basics guide provides answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about trade marks.

We help businesses to register, manage and enforce their trade mark rights.

Our trade mark attorneys look after a wide range of brands, from ambitious start-ups and SMEs to some of the world’s best known brands. We have one of the biggest and busiest trade mark practices in the UK and our team are consistently ranked in legal directories such as The Legal 500.

We can help you to protect your brand and to manage and develop your trade mark portfolio as your business grows. Our attorneys will take the time to get to know your business and your strategic objectives to ensure that we are providing the right advice for you.

Our trade mark services

We provide advice in relation to all aspects of trade mark protection.

We will work with you to reach an informed decision on whether registration of a particular trade mark is appropriate in the commercial circumstances.

When a brand has been chosen or, as is preferable in some cases, a shortlist has been drawn up, we can conduct clearance searching to identify the candidate marks which are available to use.

We prepare and file applications to register trade marks and deal with the subsequent processing of applications through to registration. Through our network of foreign associates, we can also help you to secure protection worldwide.

We can attack third party trade mark applications and registrations on your behalf through opposition and invalidity proceedings. We also advise on best practice in using trade marks to ensure that your registered marks remain valid and enforceable.

We advise on trade mark infringement, acting for both trade mark owners and those accused of infringing trade mark rights. In contentious matters we aim to work creatively with you to reach a settlement, but if necessary, we can work with solicitors and barristers to support litigation.

Both registered and unregistered trade mark protection may be commercialised, and we can advise on the purchase, sale or licensing of trade mark rights.

To discuss how we can help you to protect and manage your trade marks, please contact us to speak to one of our trade mark attorneys.

Our trade mark attorneys

Wilson Gunn