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IP Management

Ensure your intellectual property rights are carefully monitored and maintained

Managing your IP

Once you have registered your intellectual property, careful management of your rights is necessary to ensure that renewal dates and any other official deadlines are monitored and your intellectual property rights are safely maintained.

We manage and maintain our clients’ patent, trade mark and design registrations, as well as any other registered intellectual property rights.

Our dedicated renewals department, which is responsible for tens of thousands of active registrations around the world, plays a vital role in delivering this service. Working alongside our patent and trade mark attorneys, the team provides a trusted and effective service whilst looking for ways to control costs and identify where savings can be made.

Our clients automatically benefit from our IP management service when we register their rights. For businesses with existing rights, we can also arrange the transfer of your rights to our records, so we are responsible for the management of your whole portfolio.

Our IP management services

Our in-house renewals department handles payment of routine renewal fees required to maintain patents, trade mark and design registrations, as well as other intellectual property rights, on a worldwide basis.

This is in contrast to many other firms which employ external renewals agencies. By keeping renewals in house, we have up-to-date status information for all your cases at our fingertips and our attorneys are on hand to deal with any renewal related query. It’s also cost effective. We only make a charge if you wish to proceed with renewal of a case and there is no annual management charge.

Managing a large, or even moderate, IP portfolio can be a complex and time-consuming task. Our unique, custom designed records software enables us to provide you with the information about your portfolio you require quickly and in the format you require. We can also provide clients with access to their portfolio through our secure, web-based Client Portal which gives you to full access to your IP portfolio at any time.

If you would like our assistance managing your intellectual property portfolio, please get in touch to discuss how we can help.

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