Intellectual property news and updates

Musical innovation: the instruments making an impact

Playing a tune for the trumpet In most bands today, you will find a trumpet. They originated from many ancestors in history. The oldest known trumpet, that has no keys, is called the Alphorn. This trumpet was created originally from a single trunk of one tree. It was famous for the big body style and the loud sound it generated. The Alphorn…

Innovation from history: Music technology

Invention of the gramophone Records, used to record sound, were invented in 1877 by Thomas Edison. He invented the first machine to record and play back sounds, known as the phonograph. Early records were cylindrical, but flat disks soon replaced them. Edison's first phonograph used tin-covered cylinders to record vibrations of sound that…

Dance to the beat of Intellectual Property this April

World Intellectual Property Day is celebrated on April 26th, and this year WIPO are showing their appreciation for musical innovation. From orchestras to Brazilian beats, this year’s celebrations are sure to get you on your feet and dancing away to the rhythm of creativity. Around the world, Intellectual Property firms will be uniting in…

Casting a rod into the overseas market, Wilson Gunn reels in Chinese business

This month, Wilson Gunn Partner James Robey visited Wuhan, China with UK Trade & Investment, the UK Government’s body that promotes exporting. Along with a number of other Northwest businesses, James attended a range of events tied to the opening of a new British Consulate General in the city. Wuhan is the capital of the Hubei province…

Trade Mark Protection for Advertising Slogans

The success of a marketing campaign can often depend on the use of a memorable slogan. However, the more successful the slogan, the more attractive it is to competitors in the market place who might wish to also use the slogan, or a close variation of the slogan, in order to capitalise on the success of the original user of the slogan. For…

Automotive propulsion IP set to race ahead and finish first

Hopes are high for the automotive industry as a recent, in-depth study revealed a show-stopping rise in innovation to develop new propulsion technologies. At present, much of the innovation we see is undertaken by Japanese and Korean manufacturers; however there are exciting times ahead as European activity is set to increase in the next few…

Trade mark trouble for creator of cheeky movie 'Ted'

The case facts Seth MacFarlane, creator of the film franchise Ted, is being sued over his alleged violation of the trade dress on a product through the release of a special edition DVD and Blu-Ray of the film. Michael Cram claims ownership of “talking” bottle openers which are said to come with the special edition. The talking bottle opener…

Use of Images and Photographs on the Internet: Do you have permission?

When searching for images on the internet, many are unaware that if they save and reuse the image, they may in fact be at risk of infringing rights in somebody else’s work. Whose images are you using? If you want to use an image or photograph on the internet, but you are not the creator of that image and did not take the photograph then…

Katy Perry dives into the deep end of a copyright dispute

Beach-themed backing dancers stole the spotlight from Katy Perry at the recent US Superbowl, leaving the singer at the centre of a dispute over copyright. The dancers, dressed as sharks, became a viral sensation as the “Left Shark” in Perry’s beach-themed half-time show didn't seem to know the dance moves. The awkward shark has even…

Rihanna wins Court of Appeal Trade Mark case

The Court of Appeal has upheld a complaint by Rihanna against the high street fashion retailer Topshop. Case Detail In 2012, High Street leaders Topshop sold in store and via its website a fashion t-shirt displaying an image of celebrity superstar, Rihanna. The image was derived from a photograph of Rihanna which was taken when she was on…

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