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Protect your innovative packaging solutions and designs

IP in the packaging sector

The UK packaging manufacturing industry employs 85,000 people – representing 3% of the UK’s manufacturing workforce – and has annual sales of £11 billion. Packaging forms a crucial point of sale hook for consumers and is a vital part of the supply chain in retail manufacturing, especially in the food & drink and FMCG sectors.

As awareness of climate change and the impact of single use plastics has increased, consumers are increasingly favouring products with sustainable, eco-friendly packaging.  Developing packaging solutions which meet these criteria can help companies to increase their share of the global packaging market which has sales nearing $300 billion. As these innovations are brought to market, intellectual property protection can help prevent imitation and protect your competitive advantage.

Our expertise

We have extensive experience in all aspects of intellectual property matters in the packaging sector.  Our team are experienced in obtaining patent protection for innovative packaging technologies, advising on protection of new and exciting packaging designs and formats, and providing freedom-to-operate advice on packaging products and processes. We act for a major multinational FMCG company with extensive packaging R&D programmes and for SMEs across a range of industries who want to protect their unique packaging.

Packaging extends across a wide range of technical fields, from film materials and chemical modification of packaging surfaces, to packaging formation processes and recycling technologies, and our experience encompasses an extensive part of the sector. We have advised on flow-wrap technologies, cartonboard packaging, shelf-ready packaging (SRP), plastic containers for the food industry, moisture impermeable films and laminates and tray sealing apparatus. We also have extensive experience in the protection and enforcement of packaging designs.

In addition to protection and freedom-to-operate advice, members of our team have also been involved in successful litigation of packaging patents both offensively and defensively.

To discuss how we can help you, please get in touch to speak to a member of our packaging team.

Our packaging team

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