Wilson Gunn speaks to pro.manchester Corporate Finance Group

James Robey provided advice on the IP issues to consider when buying or selling a business.

James Robey, Partner at Wilson Gunn has presented to the Corporate Finance Group of pro.manchester. pro.manchester, which represents the financial and professional sector in and around Greater Manchester, provides opportunities for members to learn from one another about key issues across the different professional disciplines.

As a Patent and Trade Mark Attorney James spoke to the group about the issues that a company should consider when they are buying another business or preparing themselves for sale.

James commented: “intellectual property can be a very important corporate asset, and in some cases may be the only asset.  When acquiring or disposing of a company, or restructuring or seeking finance, it may be important, or essential, to properly assess the IP position, including patents, trade marks, designs and copyright.

“An IP portfolio may be extensive.  It may cover many inventions, brands and products in many countries operating under a range of different laws.  Patents and other applications may be at different stages in their lives and may be subject to a range of different issues.  It is therefore essential to seek advice from a Patent and Trade Mark Attorney.”

Wilson Gunn