Posted on 23/8/2013

Utility models: an important alternative to patents or an irrelevance?

Utility models, short term patents, petty patents, innovation patents, utility certificates – the names may be unfamiliar to you, but they all relate to a form of IP right which is under-utilised, and there are many businesses that could benefit from them.

Many SMEs and individuals struggle to finance IP protection for their inventions, and the utility model system could be a cost-effective alternative to standard patents for many of those inventions. For bigger businesses, the utility model system offers a cost effective way of protecting multiple inventions, especially for those having a relatively short commercial life.

Wilson Gunn has prepared a special report detailing some of the advantages of utility model systems around the world, which can be requested by contacting us.

For more detailed information and for a discussion on whether utility models are relevant to your inventions, please contact Ben Appleton or your usual Wilson Gunn attorney.

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