Trade Marks
Posted on 23/11/2023

Trade mark official fees in Canada to increase in 2024

It has been announced that most trade mark fees in Canada will increase by more than 30%.

The Canadian Intellectual Property Office has announced that it will be increasing most of its official fees in connection with trade marks from 1 January 2024.

Most trade mark fees will increase by more than 30% and those affected include new filings, renewals, oppositions, and assignment recordals.

We will be contacting any clients with renewal fees due in Canada in 2024 to seek their early instructions and give the opportunity to renew their registrations before the end of this year to benefit from the current renewal fees.

Any of our clients considering filing to protect their trade marks in Canada are encouraged to do so before 1 January 2024 in order to take advantage of the current lower filing fees.

If you have any questions about filing trade mark applications in Canada or require any other information regarding brand protection in this country (or indeed any other overseas jurisdictions), please contact a member of our trade marks team.

Wilson Gunn