Trade Marks
Posted on 11/8/2017

Thailand joins the international trade mark system

On 7 August 2017, Thailand became the 99th member of the Madrid trade mark system.

The government of Thailand signed up to the Madrid Protocol on 7 August 2017, making Thailand the 99th member of the Madrid trade mark system.

The Madrid trade mark system allows for international trade mark applications to be filed. An applicant using the system can file one application to seek trade mark protection in multiple territories, the territories of interest being designated when the application is filed. The Madrid system is a cost effective method of obtaining trade mark protection in multiple territories.

From 7 November 2017, it will be possible to designate Thailand as one of the territories covered by an international application. Additionally, it will be possible for proprietors of existing international trade mark registrations to seek to extend the coverage of their registrations to include Thailand.

Wilson Gunn has extensive experience in trade mark matters, including filing and managing international registered trade mark applications.

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