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Posted on 15/1/2016

Good news: Potential Reduction in Official Fees for UK Registered Designs

A new online filing system for registered designs will enable costs to be reduced for those using the service.

In September 2015 the UKIPO launched a new online filing system for UK registered designs.  Initially, the system was available to those wishing to file applications containing a single design but has since been extended to include multiple design applications (a single application containing two or more different designs).  Whilst still in its development stage, this system is proving to be very popular.  It is reported that within three weeks of the service being launched, at least two thirds of all new applications were being filed online. 

By implementing this new online service, the UKIPO expects their costs to be reduced and has therefore proposed that these costs be passed on to those using the service.  It is proposed that these savings be passed onto customers through reductions in filing and renewal fees.  However, to encourage customers to use the new online filing system, the reduced filing fees will only be available to those who file online.  Fees for customers filing on paper will remain at the current, higher rate.

It is hoped that these lower fees will encourage a greater number of filings for UK registered designs, and also increase the number of designs being renewed for their full 25 year registration period.

The new online filing fees will be based on the number of different designs contained within a single application.  Therefore, those applications which contain a large number of designs will benefit most from these reductions.  A three-tier pricing structure is being proposed as follows:


No. of designs within an application Current fees Reduced fees
1 design £60 £50
Up to 10 designs  

£40 per each additional design –


£420 for 10 designs





£70 for 10 designs

For each additional group of 10 designs  

£40 per each additional design –


£820 for 20 designs





£90 for up to 20 designs


Renewal fees are also to be reduced and proprietors can expect around a 60-65% saving each time their registration is due for renewal (5, 10, 15 and 20 years from the filing date of the application to register the design).

The UK government has recently launched a consultation relating to these proposed changes.  The consultation will close on 29 January 2016 and an update on if and when these newly proposed fees are to be introduced should be provided shortly thereafter.

If you are a proprietor of one or more registered designs or are thinking of seeking protection for any new designs and would like further advice on how these proposed changes may benefit you, please contact a member of our team by clicking here.

Wilson Gunn