Dance to the beat of Intellectual Property this April

The theme of this year’s World Intellectual Property Day is musical innovation.

World Intellectual Property Day is celebrated on April 26th, and this year WIPO are showing their appreciation for musical innovation.

From orchestras to Brazilian beats, this year’s celebrations are sure to get you on your feet and dancing away to the rhythm of creativity.

Around the world, Intellectual Property firms will be uniting in order to raise the importance of protecting innovation to lower the risk of infringement and maximise its commercial value.

The power of innovation

The music we are able to enjoy today comes from thousands of innovators around the world – singers and songwriters; musicians and publishers; producers, arrangers, engineers and many others.

The technological developments in music are progressing rapidly too. We are now able to listen to music virtually anywhere, whether it is through a mobile phone, an IPodTM or on a digital radio.

With so many powerful messages being sent through the beats of our favourite songs, activists such as Bob Marley, Bono and so many others deserve to be recognised for their achievements and there is no better day to celebrate than World IP Day.

Showing our love for IP

To show some appreciation for the musical innovation over the decades, we have put together some interesting articles to showcase the history of the industry and highlight just how much progression has been made over the decades.

Here at Wilson Gunn, we understand that IP needs to be celebrated, but we also know it needs to be protected. We offer legal advice on all aspects of your intellectual property; from Patents and Trade Marks to Copyright and Design.

Our legal attorneys specialise in specific industry sectors, meaning you will get sound advice on how to maximise commercial value through protecting your ideas.

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