Merged Firms

Some of our key people from the past

Sydney Eric M'Caw Proprietor – Sydney E. M'Caw & Co

Sydney M'Caw

Sydney Eric M'Caw, Chartered Patent Agent, was employed by Wilson, Gunn & Ellis as a technical assistant for many years before leaving the firm around 1951 and setting up his own practice in Llanfairfechan, North Wales. At the same time he operated as secretary for the Oriental Missionary Society which was an Evangelical Society working, so far as Mr. and Mrs. (Edna) M'Caw's interests were concerned, in India. Missionaries on leave often stayed with them in their home. Mr. and Mrs. M'Caw were deeply religious and disapproved, not only of smoking and the drinking of alcohol, but also entertainment such as the cinema, television and theatre.

Whilst living in Llanfairfechan Mr. M'Caw worked for Wilson, Gunn & Ellis on a freelance basis. In 1952 he, his wife and son Martin returned to Manchester and the Sydney E. M'Caw practice (later re-named Sydney E. M'Caw & Co.) operated at 15 Cross Street.

In 1962 Mr. M'Caw started to be ill and suffered terribly for two years, cancer eventually being diagnosed. During that time he continued the practice with tremendous courage and dignity, even working whilst in hospital. Over a period of two years, he was taken first into Manchester Royal Infirmary, then Christies, then the Private Patients Home and finally into the MRI again. He died whilst in hospital.

Elwyn R. Roberts M.B.E. Founder – Elwyn R. Roberts & Co.

Elwyn R. Roberts, known as Robbie to his friends in the profession, qualified as a Registered Trade Mark Agent in London, before joining a Manchester firm of trade mark attorneys. After becoming a Partner in that firm he decided to set up his own business under the name of Elwyn R. Roberts & Co. on Princess Street, Manchester. He became Vice President of the Institute of Trade Mark Agents in 1984 and was later awarded the M.B.E. for services to the profession. He retired in 1997 and reached his 80th birthday in 2005.

Henry Skerrett (1844–1914) Proprietor – Henry Skerrett

Henry Skerrett

Henry Skerrett, was resident of Camden Lodge, Moseley and worked from 24, Temple Row, Birmingham. Son of William Henry Skerrett, and member of a Herefordshire family, he was born at New Street, Birmingham, on the 14th September, 1844, and educated at King Edward's School, Birmingham. At the age of fourteen he entered the office of Mr. George Shaw, the scientist and patent agent, of Cannon Street, Birmingham. He devoted himself to engineering, and at the age of seventeen gained the National and Local Medals of the Science and Art Departments for that subject. He commenced practice as a mechanical engineer in 1881, designing a number of self-acting machines and taking out a number of patents for tools and mechanical appliances. In 1883 he again turned his attention to patent agency work, in which he was an expert, practising at the same time as a consulting engineer. He was enrolled as a Patent Agent, 1884 and he became a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Patent Agents. He was also an Associate of the Cycling Engineering Institute. His services as a consulting engineer were requisitioned not only in England, but also on the Continent and in America. Harry Skerrett took out several patents in his own name for locks. Clients of Henry Skerrett included Hudsons Whistles and Twyfords.

Henry was married in 1874 and died in Bad Neuheim, Germany on 29 June 1914.

Henry Norton Skerrett (1886–1969) Past Partner – H. N. & W. S. Skerrett

Henry Norton Skerrett

Henry Norton Skerrett was born on 5 July 1886 in Moseley, Birmingham. Son of Henry Skerrett he joined his father's practice and qualified as a Chartered Patent Agent in 1906. He kept the practice going throughout difficult times in the First WorId War and qualified in 1906. His clients included Wolseley Cars, Twyfords, J. B. Brooks and Thomas Walker Ltd.

William S. Skerrett Past Partner – H.N. & W.S. Skerrett

William Staites Skerrett

Son of Henry Skerrett and brother of Henry Norton Skerrett, he joined the practice after returning from military service in the First World War. With qualifying as a chartered patent agent he became a partner of the firm with his brother H.N: Skerrett. W. S. Skerrett died in 1958.

Gordon Skerrett (1920–1981) Past Partner – H.N. & W.S. Skerrett

Gordon Skerrett

Gordon Skerrett commenced his training before the Second World War. This training was interrupted by war service. He returned to complete his training in about 1946. He qualified as a Chartered Patent Agent and later became a Partner with his cousin John. Skerrett. He died at the relatively early age of 61.

John Norton Haigh Skerrett Proprietor – H.N. & W.S. Skerrett

John Norton Skerrett

John was the grandson of Henry Skerrett and son of Henry Norton Skerrett. John qualified with an M.Sc. from Birmingham. He is a Chartered Chemist and a M.R.S.C. He passed his qualifying examinations in 1961 and was a Chartered Patent Agent, European Patent Attorney and a Registered Trade Mark Agent. He entered the firm in 1954 and sold the firm to Wilson Gunn in 1998, having been the sole proprietor of the firm since 1961. He stayed on as a consultant with Wilson Gunn until 2001. Although he had a broad technical knowledge John handled all of the chemical work for the Birmingham practice, but was sufficiently technically flexible to handle mechanical subject matter.

Donald Cossar Dixon Past Partner – Gee & Co.

Passed qualifying examination 1957, CPA, EPA, B.Sc. (Eng.), D.R.T.C

Bryan Clive Diamond Past Partner – Gee & Co.

Passed qualifying examinations 1965, CPA, EPA, B.Sc., Birmingham, M.Sc. London, DJ.C.

Anthony John Moore Past Partner – Gee & Co.

Passed qualifying examination 1970, CPA, EPA, M.A. Oxon, B.Sc. (Chem) Nottingham.

William Gordon Adams Past Partner – Gee & Co.

Passed qualifying examination 1973, CPA, EPA, Dip. E. E., C. Eng., MIEE