Events of 1864


Abraham Lincoln
  1. American Civil War continues
  2. Abraham Lincoln reelected as President of the United States in a Overwhelming Victory.
  3. ‘In God We Trust’ appears for the first time on a two cent piece following Coinage Act 1864.
  4. Nevada is admitted as the 36th US State.
  5. Brazil invades Uruguay in support of Venancio Flores. Paraguay attacks Brazil.
  6. Second War of Schleswig – Prussia and Austria capture Holstein and Schleswig from the Danish woth 57,000 troops.
  7. Cyclone in Calcutta, India, kills 70,000 and virtually destroys the city.
  8. First Geneva Convention deals with treatment of battlefield casualties.
  9. International Red Cross founded in Geneva, Switzerland.
  10. James Clerk Maxwell discovers Microwaves (and the ready meal was born haha).
  11. Dr. David Livingstone returns to Africa mounting an expedition to discover the ultimate source of the Nile River.


  1. Queen Victoria is the reigning monarch, completing the longest reign from ascending to the throne as an 18 year old in 1837 till 1901.
  2. Viscount Palmerston is nearing the end of his second term as Liberal Prime Minister 1859 – 1865.
  3. Sheffield suffered a disaster when an embankment of a reservoir gave way flooding the town during the night. Uncalcable damage was done and 250 lost their lives.
  4. Clifton suspension bridge in Bristol designed by Isambard Kingdom Brunel, opens to the public.
  5. London – Houses of Parliament continued to be rebuilt following destruction by fire in 1834.
  6. Birmingham – Still a town that was reaching the height of its industrial trade. Did not achieve city status until 1889.
  7. Manchester – Caught in a Cotton Famine as a result of the US Civil War. Estimated loss to local industry is £30m. Current town hall design chosen with work commencing in 1868.

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