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Musical innovation: the instruments making an impact

Playing a tune for the trumpet In most bands today, you will find a trumpet. They originated from many ancestors in history. The oldest known trumpet, that has no keys, is called the Alphorn. This trumpet was created originally from a single trunk of one tree. It was famous for the big body style and the loud sound it generated. The Alphorn…

Innovation from history: Music technology

Invention of the gramophone Records, used to record sound, were invented in 1877 by Thomas Edison. He invented the first machine to record and play back sounds, known as the phonograph. Early records were cylindrical, but flat disks soon replaced them. Edison's first phonograph used tin-covered cylinders to record vibrations of sound that…

Tanks, Ecstasy and Relativity: the science, technology and inventions of the 1910s

Continuing our series of articles looking at the most important inventions and discoveries from each decade over the past 150 years, the nineteen-tens

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