Intellectual property news and updates

The European Parliament votes in favour of controversial changes to EU copyright law

The EU has voted on copyright reform, the European Parliament has now voted in favour of the controversial articles 11 and 13. We explain the details of these changes to EU copyright law.

‘Live’ Blocking Orders – Football Association Premier League v BT

The High Court awards the FAPL with an extension to their 'live' blocking order.

Controversial changes to EU copyright law put on hold by EU parliament

The European Union Parliament has side-lined the contentious EU Copyright Directive.

European Union commission notice highlights impact of Brexit in the field of copyright

We highlight the changes to copyright that will come into place due to the UK's withdrawal from the EU by April 2019

Ed Sheeran settles copyright lawsuit

In the last few days, Ed Sheeran has settled the $20 million copyright lawsuit filed against him, we consider other recent copyright infringement cases and how copyright can be protected against.

Hyperlinking – the verdict from the CJEU

We take a look at the ruling from the CJEU in the copyright dispute between GS Media and Sanoma

Hyperlinking – an act of copyright infringement?

Ahead of a ruling to be handed down later this week, we take a look at the dispute between GS Media BV (“GS Media”) and Sanoma Media Netherlands BV (“Sanoma”).

Good news for the heirs and employers of dead furniture designers, bad news for those who deal in replicas.

Repeal of Section 52 Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 Section 52 of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 is to be repealed with effect from 28 July 2016, effectively providing copyright protection to articles that could previously be copied legitimately. Will this affect you? The law To answer that question it is first necessary…

The Digital Era: Protecting Mobile Apps

Partner, David Slattery, discusses how to protect Mobile Apps.

Not such a Happy Birthday for Warner–Chappell

Warner–Chappell claim ownership of copyright in the lyrics for the famous song Happy Birthday to You and have made a lucrative business in licensing its use in commercial enterprises such as films, stage productions, television shows, restaurants and greeting cards. That business has been estimated to be worth in the region of £1.3 million…

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