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2010s: A new decade of innovation

NASA Kepler Space Telescope To boldly go where no man has gone before- but could potentially- NASA’s Kepler Space Telescope launched in March 2010 is tasked with searching habitable Earth-like planets in distant star systems. Using a photometer that’s more than three feet in diameter, the Kepler telescope is now continuously observing…

Brooklyn Bridge, Electricity, Kodak No.1: The 1880s

Brooklyn Bridge The Brooklyn Bridge is one of the oldest and best-known bridges in the United States of America. Completed in 1883, it spans New York City's East River to connect the boroughs of Manhattan and Brooklyn. Since its opening, it has become an icon of New York City and is a big tourist attraction, having even been dubbed the “Eighth…

2000s: The fruity decade brings the Apple iPod and the Blackberry

2000 Apple iPod The Apple iPod has probably changed the technology and music industries more than any other innovation in the past decade. The handy device made music even more portable and changed the way the world listened to music. The iPod originated with a business idea from Tony Fadell, an independent inventor. Fadell's idea was to take…

The Sony PlayStation, the World Wide Web and DVDs: Welcome to the 90s

Sony PlayStation Giving children of the 90s hours of fun, Sony released the ground-breaking games console the PlayStation in the early years of the decade Originally, Sony and Nintendo were working together to develop the Super Disc. This was going to be a CD-ROM attachment that was proposed to be part of the Super Nintendo game. However…

1980s: When technology shot to the stars

The 1980's set the benchmark high from the get go. With the launch of the Space Shuttle, the team at NASA were orbiting their way to success and preparing for take off. If that wasn't enough, Kodak were storming ahead with the release of the Camcorder, the very first of its kind. The Space Shuttle After the missions to the Moon in the late…

The swinging Sixties: Music and technology take over.

The Sixties were a decade of great things; music being one of them. The invention of the very first CD changed the way we listened to music forever! Alongside this, technology began to develop as we saw the arrival of the Computer Mouse. Computer Mouse It was the year of 1964 that changed the way computers worked, from specialised machinery…

Ford Model T, Man-Powered Airplane Flight and Vacuum Cleaner

The 1900s gave us a number of inventions which had profound effects on how we travelled as well as how we cleaned! Read more about the 1900s, as part of our celebration of our 150th anniversary.

The Trampoline, Richter Scale and delicious Chocolate Chip Cookies: 1930s

The 1930s brought a decade of exciting innovation. From the ground-breaking Richter Scale to the first taste of the Chocolate Chip Cookie, there really were no limits to what could be achieved.

The telephone, light bulb and cash register

As our series continues of technological advances during the decades, we are looking at the 1870s. Without two of the inventions from this decade, life today would be extremely different. They are the telephone and the light bulb.

November Prize: Boha Hummingbird Corkscrew

A look at November's prize draw as part our 150th birthday celebrations

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