Intellectual property news and updates

The Digital Era: Protecting Mobile Apps

Partner, David Slattery, discusses how to protect Mobile Apps.

Good news: Potential Reduction in Official Fees for UK Registered Designs

Wilson Gunn discuss the potential reduction in Official Fees for UK Registered Designs

IP Scammers Ordered to Pay Maximum Penalty

Court finds that scammers deliberately set out to deceive proprietors into thinking that their letters and invoices were issued by the UK IPO, ordering maximum penalty for trademark infringement and passing off.

Apple protect their latest innovation right on time

In August 2014 Apple filed a design patent application in order to protect the basic appearance of the Apple Watch. This application has now been accepted by the United States Patent and Trade Mark office. This particular patent seeks to protect the overall look of the Apple Watch. Apple received a similar design patent for its iPad and iPhone…

Trade mark trouble for creator of cheeky movie 'Ted'

The case facts Seth MacFarlane, creator of the film franchise Ted, is being sued over his alleged violation of the trade dress on a product through the release of a special edition DVD and Blu-Ray of the film. Michael Cram claims ownership of “talking” bottle openers which are said to come with the special edition. The talking bottle opener…

Katy Perry dives into the deep end of a copyright dispute

Beach-themed backing dancers stole the spotlight from Katy Perry at the recent US Superbowl, leaving the singer at the centre of a dispute over copyright. The dancers, dressed as sharks, became a viral sensation as the “Left Shark” in Perry’s beach-themed half-time show didn't seem to know the dance moves. The awkward shark has even…

UK Design Law Changes on 1 October 2014

A description of a number of the changes to UK design law implemented by the Intellectual Property Act 2014 come into effect on 1 October.

Crowdfunding and the importance of patents

Crowdfunding can be a useful tool for fundraising when starting a new business. However, where inventions are concerned, you might need to file a patent application first.

EU trade mark registrations for shop designs

The Court of Justice of the EU recently ruled that shop and store designs and layouts may be protectable by registered trade marks.

Living organisms cannot be protected by registered designs

A design for life? Apparently not, as OHIM rule that living organisms cannot be protected by registered designs in Europe.

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