November Prize: Boha Hummingbird Corkscrew

Continuing our 150th birthday celebrations here at Wilson Gunn, following the Beach Bag Plus and the Tappy Safety Toy, we are giving you the chance to win a Boha Hummingbird corkscrew in our November prize draw.

Created by former Dyson Designer Phil Bommer, the Hummingbird corkscrew is an innovative redesign of an essential home implement, and with the flair that made Dyson famous it is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

This elegant corkscrew works by placing it on the neck of the wine bottle and rotating around the bottle causing the birds wings to slowly rise up like a bird in flight, by descending the wings the cork slides gently out of the bottle with a minimum of effort.

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Boha Hummingbird bottle opening


Made from chrome plated high quality zinc alloy, and containing a number of hidden polymer springs to dampen and smooth out the movement of the corkscrew, the corkscrew is testament to  elegance and function and would look perfect as part of any wine collection.

Corkscrew took two years to develop

The Boha Hummingbird corkscrew took two years of product development before being launched on the Crowdfunding website, reaching its initial funding goal of £7000 in just two days and finishing over 300% on £25,532.

Concept art for the Boha Hummingbird corckscrew


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