Copyright happens automatically when you create an original literary, dramatic, musical and artistic works. This includes commercial documents which your business will create as a matter of routine, including brochures, websites and manuals. For more information see our IP guide.

Despite the automatic nature of copyright there are important considerations which must be taken account of to ensure that you own and are able to exploit any copyright.

Our attorneys have considerable experience in copyright and can advise on subsistence and ownership of copyright as well as best practice in establishing ownership, and recording the existence, of your copyright works. Businesses which rely on copyright have benefited from bespoke training from us on these matters.

We also advise in relation to infringement of copyright, acting for both copyright owners and possible infringers. We have experience in resolving disputes in this area, but if necessary can work with solicitors and barristers to support litigation.

Copyright may be licensed and we can advise on, negotiate and help draft copyright licences.

We always get to know our clients’ business objectives, so we are able to provide you with commercially focused advice.

To find out how we can help your business, contact us now.


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