Hasti Jahangiri

B.Sc. PGDip. Ph.D.

Hasti Jahangiri joined Wilson Gunn in 2022 and is training to qualify as a Chartered and European Patent Attorney.


Hasti has experience working with a range of clients mainly focussed on engineering, chemistry and materials science.

Hasti’s education covers a broad range of areas including organic chemistry, physical chemistry, and applying electrical engineering to a materials field. During the final year of her Bachelor’s, she studied the synthesis and feasibility of using coronenes within OLED screen technology. In her doctorate, Hasti investigated the Ageing and Failure mechanisms of electrical systems to be used on-board the first hybrid electric commercial aircraft, the E-fan X. During her Ph.D. Hasti gave presentations at standards agency conferences and both presented at and submitted articles to academic conferences and colloquiums internationally. In her final year Hasti spent two months at Tokushima University in Japan investigating the presence of partial discharges in high voltage cabling typically used on high-speed maglev trains.

Following the completion of her Ph.D., Hasti worked as a material scientist at an engineering consultancy, aerospaceHV, who specialised in high voltage testing of systems in the aerospace, automotive and materials sectors. Hasti also has experience working as an intellectual property fellow with the University of Manchester’s intellectual property branch where she contributed to projects in the chemical, electronics, and medical devices areas.


University of Manchester – B.Sc. (1st Class hons) Chemistry
University of Manchester – PGDip. Materials Science
University of Manchester – Ph.D. Electrical Materials

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