Intellectual Property Advice For Retailers

The UK retail sector is vital to the economy, generating total sales of £358 billion in 2016 and providing over 2.8 million jobs. The sector faces significant challenges from political and economic forces, as well as the difficulty of operating in a competitive market which has been transformed by technology. Innovation and creativity are now leading the way as retailers strive to strengthen their brand position and embrace new ways of engaging with consumers.

Our trade mark team has extensive experience of working with clients in the retail sector. We act for international retail brands, independent supermarkets, designer fashion retailers and a host of online retailers. We represent one of the fastest growing fashion e-retailers and a leading outdoor equipment retailer.

Our in-depth involvement with businesses within the retail industry has enabled us to develop a real understanding of the business methods and objectives within the sector. As a result we are able to provide commercial advice to retailers on how best to protect and enforce trade mark rights, in this highly competitive and fast moving commercial environment, where brand placement and presence is integral.

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One of our retail specialists is partner, Tim Rose.


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