Intellectual Property Advice For Industrial Biotechnology

Industrial biotechnology, including so-called ‘white biotechnology’ is the application of biotechnology for industrial purposes, including the practice of using micro-organisms, or biological molecules such as enzymes, to generate industrially useful products in sectors such as chemicals, detergents, food and drink, paper and pulp, textiles, energy and biofuel.

Industrial biotechnology is also a key technology in our need to transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources. By utilising biological processes to turn biomass into efficient and sustainable products, industries are able to save energy in production processes and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, helping to tackle climate change.

At Wilson Gunn, we have experience working with both academic and industry researchers to protect their biotechnology innovations. Drawing on technical backgrounds in diverse fields, from chemistry and biology to engineering and electronics, our team have sought patent protection for industrial processes involving tissues, enzymes and micro-organisms, as well as for instrumentation and devices used in the biotechnology industry. Our clients’ patents have contributed to significant commercial advantages in relation to technologies such as medical implants, detergents, food manufacturing and fermentation processes. We also have a wealth of experience of bioreactor and biomass processing technologies.

Naturally, we can also provide advice on trade marks, designs and copyright in relation to the industrial biotechnology sector.

To speak to one of our attorneys about how we can help you, contact us today or get in touch directly with one of our experts in this field, Ben Appleton.


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