Intellectual Property Advice For Gaming Sector

The global games market is expected to grow from an estimated $99.6 billion in 2016 to $118.6 billion in 2019. The UK is estimated to be the sixth largest video games market in the world and was worth nearly £4.2 billion in consumer spend in 2015. As the sector continues to grow, the UK is poised to build on its reputation as the home to some of the finest video games studios in the world and creating original products that sell well globally.

Members of our Engineering, Electronics/Software and Trade Mark teams have significant experience of working within the gaming sector. We act for a number of significant clients within the industry, including developers and distributors, as well as component and specialist suppliers to the industry.

Gaming technology encompasses a wide range of diverse technical fields. Our work with the industry reflects this. It has involved mechanical, electrical, network and software technologies. We have advised on and sought protection for a range of technology including reels and push buttons, virtual player interfaces and online/distributed gaming networks. 

In addition to the technology aspects of the sector, we have been involved in advising upon branding.  This has included identifying potentially protectable marks and providing strategic advice on developing a portfolio of commercially useful registrations. The increased use of internet and mobile based gaming platforms gives rise to particular challenges in terms of brand protection and enforcement. We have also advised on design protection for aspects of games such as machine or control input exteriors, distinctive display screens and displayed elements within games.

Our experience gives us a ready insight into how the sector operates and key issues that the businesses in this sector face, such as the ownership of IP where development work is conducted by suppliers and how to obtain commercially useful geographical protection whilst controlling costs.  A key feature of our approach to this sector is our willingness to consider how different aspects of ideas might be protected via a range of different registered and unregistered IP rights. This enables us to formulate cost effective strategies for maximising the potential protection of gaming innovations, even where these innovations fall outside or between the boundaries of traditional IP rights.

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