Intellectual Property Advice For Clothing & Fashion Sector

From the tailors of Savile Row through Mods and Rockers to Punk and Indie, Britain has always been indelibly at the forefront of fashion concepts that have come to dictate global styles.

Trends in fashion are ever evolving and underpin cultures and lifestyles. The logo on a t-shirt, the sole of a shoe or the shape of a bag can all influence what sells and who buys.

At Wilson Gunn we represent globally recognised ’labels’ in the high-end clothing business, independent fashion designers and accessories brands as well as suppliers to the retail multiples. Through this extensive experience we understand how not just following, but creating, trends can be what brings success to businesses involved in this diverse sector.

In fashion, however, there is often only a narrow difference between inspiration and imitation. We have in-depth experience in advising companies on how to navigate the complex issues of brand, design and copyright. Our attorneys are also highly experienced in dealing with counterfeiting problems and work regularly with Trading Standards Offices and UK Customs in tackling this constant and additional area of challenge to intellectual property rights.

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One of our sector specialists includes Tim Rose who will be happy to answer your questions.


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