Intellectual Property Advice For Advanced Materials

Innovation in advanced materials is enabling humanity to solve some of its biggest global challenges. Significant historical developments in energy capture, healthcare, communications, transport and many other industries have primarily been made possible by the application of novel materials; yet we have still only scratched the surface. In fact, more new materials have been made in the past 20 years than in the rest of history and the sector is rapidly developing.

 At Wilson Gunn, our advanced materials team has experience working with clients who are at the forefront of materials science research and application. We act for universities, advanced material manufacturers and companies that integrate the latest innovative materials into components and systems; and in relation to sectors such as marine, energy, steel, optics, automotive and many others.

We have sought patent protection in relation to inventions relating to steel, alloys, graphene, composite materials, fine chemicals, elastomers, and polymeric materials, for example; and for a variety of advanced material manufacturing processes, such as smelting, moulding, vulcanisation, galvanising and semi-conductor processing.

In addition to patent protection, we also advise companies on other issues in this sector including design matters, trade marks and licensing of patented technology.

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One of our Advanced Materials specialists is partner, Ben Appleton.


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