Intellectual Property Advice for Chemistry/Life Sciences

We have significant expertise in the Chemistry and Life Sciences fields. Our team includes attorneys with chemistry, biochemical or related degrees. This enables us to understand the often complex science underpinning our clients’ innovations.

Chemistry encompasses a huge range of technologies from new combinations of food ingredients to complex chemical syntheses, while life sciences encompass a diverse family of technical fields ranging from genetics and microbiology to medical devices and plant breeding. Our Chemistry and Life Science teams have extensive experience in advising clients across these wide ranging technologies.

Our broad experience includes: polymer chemistry; surfactants; fluorocarbons; ceramics and materials processing; materials science; chemical process engineering; ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy; carbon nanotechnology; organic solvent purifications; chromatography; advanced materials and methods of manufacture; materials processing and recycling; organic and inorganic chemistry; dye and colour chemistry;  food chemistry; fuel processing and fuel additives; process development; pesticides; cosmetics; biotechnological medical inventions; antibody engineering; molecular array technology; virus and vaccine engineering; microbiology; biochemistry and pharmaceutical development; genomics; and medical devices.

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