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We are conscious that we are not the only IP professionals working to ensure that our clients gain maximum benefit from their IP rights.

As solicitors, accountants, licensing executives, patent information professionals and technology transfer officers your work complements ours, and our clients’ need for a joined-up professional IP service has never been greater.

Whatever your professional expertise, our team of experienced patent and trade mark attorneys can help your clients with IP protection and enforcement.

As a solicitor, you may advise your clients on technology and IP issues, but they may need additional assistance in areas such as recognising, securing and maintaining IP rights, searching, due diligence and infringement opinions.

As an accountant, we can help your clients obtain and enforce IP rights for which the Patent Box or other tax efficient measures apply, and undertake due diligence investigations.

As a licensing executive, technology transfer officer or patent information professional, we can help you with any aspect of IP protection and enforcement which your clients may need in addition to your expert services.

We have many long-standing and highly successful relationships with other professionals, and take pride in our ability to ensure that our work can be relied on as an extension of your services to your clients, with a commitment to providing first-class standards of service and client care.

If you would like any further information on the services we offer, and how we can help you and your clients, or would just like to get to know us better, please contact us.


This esteemed firm is perfectly equipped to deal with the most technically taxing copyright, design right, patent and trade mark problems across the creative and technology industries.

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