Becoming a client

Making first contact

As you are already browsing our website, the easiest way is to contact us and provide a few basic details by clicking here so that we can get in touch with you. We will then call or email you to establish how we can help and may suggest an initial meeting to discuss matters with you. Or you may contact us by telephone on 0161 827 9400 and we will be happy to discuss matters with you, or arrange a time to do so.

Who will look after my affairs?

Every client is assigned a responsible partner who will oversee the provision of services and advice to you. That partner will usually be present at an initial meeting, although you may find you are introduced to additional professionals, as your needs dictate. Our aim is for the professional with the most relevant experience and qualifications to assist you, so the professional who eventually carries out work for you may not be the person with whom you first have contact.

How do you charge for your services?

At the outset, we will explain how we charge for our services. We will, wherever possible, provide an estimate of costs and in many cases we are able to agree to carry out a particular piece of work for a fixed or capped fee. We may ask for a full or part payment in advance, especially where we will incur disbursements on your behalf.

I already have a Patent or Trade Mark Attorney or Solicitor who has assisted me with intellectual property - does this make a difference?

No. We are happy to work alongside existing advisors. Indeed many of our larger clients use a number of different patent and trade mark attorney firms. Where patent and trade mark attorney firms are concerned it is usually desirable for related work to be conducted by a single firm, or for there to be a dialogue between firms to ensure that work is coordinated. This is something we can discuss with you. The work of solicitors, including specialist IP solicitors, is complementary to that of patent and trade mark attorneys and we routinely work with clients’ solicitors.

For any information on how we can work with your business to help with any kind of IP need click here and contact us today.


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