Our Overseas Clients and Rates

Our overseas clients

We have significant experience in working for a variety of overseas clients, both directly and via local attorneys all around the world.

Based upon that experience we know that what you need is commercially oriented advice and partners able to operate flexibly and adapt their working practices to suit the individual needs of each of your clients.

A commitment to making every case as easy for you as we can

You must have total confidence in the attorney you pass your work to. To give you that confidence, we find out exactly what your clients want to achieve and then use our attorneys’ wealth of experience to find the best way to provide the protection they require.

You need to receive the highest level of service. You will always find us approachable and responsive and you will receive your updates in plain English so you can relay progress to your clients without having to waste time asking for further explanation.

You need to establish a long-term reciprocal partnership. Our aim is to provide your clients with the protection they need to guarantee their future commercial success and increase your value to your clients. Our aim is not just to complete one piece of work and move on.

Highly competitive rates

As the majority of our staff are based outside of London – including our in-house renewals, search and technical drawing departments, all of whom will be at your disposal – we are able to offer you very competitive rates without compromising on the quality of your work.

We also offer significant discounts to our fees where a high volume of work is involved.

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